Saturday, May 14, 2011


Turns out our little raffle was a violation of Paypal's whatever.

so sadly the raffle is offically CANCELLED unless I can figure out something else, but frankly, as cool as all you dudes are, I'm not sure it's worth too much mucking about on the internet for a very poorly planned raffle. We'll come up with something much more awesome in the future.

don't worry, your money is currently being refunded, though it might take a few days. Thanks for your support, and sorry for all this buttfucking.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hey y'all! It's that glorious time of year again! TCAF TIME!! --- oh wait, nevermind. It's that horrible, awful, depressing post-TCAF time. In order to keep myself from slitting my own wrists and drowning in a bathtub of my own blood, I'm going to extend this wonderful weekend by reliving all it's memories through images with funny captions:

For the weekend we had the wonderful Charmaine Verhagen of Victoria BC,

and Jordan Shively of Grimaulkin Press staying with us.


Vicki and I had to make some stuff.

Panties, as always, helped immensely.

here's what some of that stuff what some of that stuff looks like:
(please no sue, mr. o'malley)

We took a small break from that stuff Wednesday night to see this guy, and maybe some other guys.

Once we got those retards staying with us for the weekend from the airport, and ate some food and got sufficiently sloshed, we showed up late (as usual) to a kick-off party at Ryan North's place, which is around a couple corners from our place.

Bright and early Saturday morning we headed out to the reference library with all our junk

We set up our table, vicki told me where things go and I cried.

We had a raffle, more on that later, and NO WE HAVEN'T DRAWN FOR IT YET. hold your horses, we have jobs. we'll do it tonight. jeeze.

At some point that weekend we met a baby who thought Scott C's postcard was really yummy.

Shively and Charmaine bought a lot of stuff that first day.

There was another party where I did not take any pictures, because I always forget to do that. Then there was Sunday.

We made Brian put his headphones in his nose to see if we could hear the music when he opened his mouth. I will not tell you the results of this experiment, you will just have to try it yourself.

The day went well, we met people, we bought comics, we sold a few here and there and gave away more. IF you are one of the sad sad people who did NOT get a copy of The Pretty Ridiculous Adventures of A. Zimerman because I was sold out when you got there, FEAR NOT, I am printing more today. You should comment here, or shoot me an email, or tweet at me, and we can talk about either a drop off, if you're local, and i'm not too busy (i'm very busy) or I can mail it out to wherever you live. None of that is for free mind, who do you think I am?

Moving on!

There was a closing party at an undisclosed location, that we showed up for a little bit, but not very late, and we hung out with these guys drawing some pictures and stuff.

Bagel drew portraits of us

So did Charmaine, but I haven't had a chance to scan hers! *slaps wrist*

And that, guys, is the end. That's all folks. That's all she wrote.


We thought you internet folks who treat us so well, aught to be allowed in on this raffle business! But of course, it wouldn't be fair of us to let you in on the same raffle, SO we're holding a special online only raffle for some more handmade goodies! For a WHOPPING $2 canadian, you get a chance to win an original piece of art from either Vicki, or myself, or a mystery prize pack full of mystery mini-comics!

prizes in no particular order!

Friday, May 6, 2011


All these guys. we will be there. All of us, at some point.