Thursday, June 2, 2011

well aren't we organized?

Hey guys, we actually did pull the names for the raffle we held at TCAF a million years (a month) ago! We have contacted most of the people who won, but have yet to get our asses together and mail out/give in person their winnings. If you are one of those winners, a little pestering goes a long way.

We'd both like to thank all of those folks who participated. We might have to make this a yearly TCAF tradition!

Also, if you are one of our local stalkers, our mini's (including ones that are NOT YET for sale on this blog) are now at the Beguiling!! So drop some cash on our wares, and maybe someone else's while you're down there.

And because I don't like to post without a picture, here's something that was taken at the ▒░░ Smiling Antimatter ░░▒ show last night: