Thursday, September 1, 2011

FanExpo 2011... VICKI STYLE


anywhore... here's some process pics of my stoopidhero bookiemarks!

oh and of course, i had to make boner jokes with brutt's spiderman bookermarks (see previous post for pics of those bad boys...)

and of COURSE i cant forget THIS!
me and britt showed up as KOYAMA HEROS. so there.
(photo cred goes to Mr. Caribou)

Fan Expo 2011

This year Vicki and I bummed around the Koyama Press table for 2 our of the 4 days of Fan Expo! We kinda fell down on the job pretty hard and forgot to post anything about it beforehand, we have both turned into very busy people, and terrible bloggers. (I thought I just typed "boogers". I did not.)

We were somewhat smarter this year and stuck to producing a very small number of fanarty things. I didn't take pictures of Vicki's super awesome bookmarks, maybe she will be kind and post some later???? I confess, I don't know much about the mainstream comic/star wars/star trek/video game world, so I stuck to some of the only characters I AM familiar with:

making of the inside:

AAAAAAAANNND I made cupcakes. These accounted for the bulk of my sales. No joke.

AAAH! I almost forgot about these guys!! (best)