Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fan Expo 2009 Summary

Fan expo was just plain nuts you guys. Nuts. We didn't sell as much as we'd hoped, but overall it was fun, we met some great folks, we also met some folks who were completely and totally socially inept.

Sadly, my skills of photo documentation have deteriorated, and there are tons of people i didn't get any photos of. SO SAD. Anyhoo, you guys know who you are, you are awesome and the next time I see you, we will take obscene photos that do not involve nakedness, but are nonetheless truly disgusting.

Friday. We have no idea what to expect yet, at least we finally got the sign all the way there, and up. I'm not even going to get into the fiasco that was the journey TO Toronto. Basically, I dropped the sign before I got on the bus, and cut my foot on the granny cart and bled everywhere, and somewhere in there is a panic attack and hanging up on Vicki.

The total nerd-jobs we were sitting next to all weekend. The masterminds behind the geeky stylings of Kirby Krackle.

Vicki made a lot more money than me, so she paid for dinner at that crepe place across the street from the chum building (much music), you know, the one with the hot guys making crepes in the windows, and the delicious servers?...I mean-crepes! crepes!

Vicki and I stuff our faces.

This girl bought Vicki's bag. I don't know why, perhaps she's a little crazy.

The table set up on our last day. I have no photos of the both of us sitting at the table, but they exist, somewhere. Here actually

This demented man ran from the flames towards the exit, and then it was over.

Actually after that we had to push the goddamn granny cart full of stuff down a bazillion elevators, escalators and flights of stairs before we managed to get it to Yorkdale mall where my father was waiting with a car. Pulling that thing around gave me a brand new appreciation for the shit the handicapped have to deal with. Finding a way to get that thing anywhere was AWFUL.
Also, I found this pdf today when I googled Uterus Parade: Some crazy german shit

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