Friday, January 22, 2010

totally just caught the eff up

rush hour is not a good time to go on a visit-a-pal-at-work mission. no.
although THIS pal is totally worth it. ex oh.

big huge ass THANK YOU to the dudes [correction, just ONE dude, my bad..] over at idrawdigital for the mega sweet mention of uterus parade!!
click the dick to check out the terrible things they had to say about us----> 8===D

1 comment:

  1. Ultra-mega awesome. I am a DOOOOOOD! My folks would be so proud. I also have never been in a dick link, either. The accolades come in spades.

    I just had to give a shout out, seeing as I'm a few hours north from y'all, and your wicked rad works should never go unnoticed.

    Con mucho gusto, ladies...