Friday, February 12, 2010

life lessons

so after britt's AMAZING comic this week, i got to slack off on mine.
this is a lie, i am just a terrible person.
this is our pal roben, who can also be seen in "roben has a big cock", a minicomic that britt and i worked on together last fall. it was the worst experience ever. that is untrue. no it's not. yes it is.
it was a birthday gift for roben, and if you're super nice to us, maybe we will make one about you too. did i mention that roben is a SAINT!? i didnt? oh. good luck then.

we will embrace. unless you are creepy. then we wont embrace. just saying...
this AND MORE available at our uterus parade booth/table/spot/gutter.
see you there!

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