Sunday, February 14, 2010

erotic arts and crafts @ the gladstone

thank you to Brett at the toronto sun for writing about us HERE.

britt and i attempted to write him a kindhearted email in thanks, which resulted in the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL EMAIL EVER.

Subject: thanks. for nothing.
Hey brett,

thanks for making us look like complete assholes. i hope every douchenozzle in toronto reads this pile of garbage and buys our shitty valentines as a result.

vicki and britt

ps- we're not as witty as you portrayed us. but thanks and we appreciate it.
pps- we hope you enjoy the chocolate we have enclosed.
ppps- not really. there's arsenic in there...

pppps- not not really... you cant enclose real objects with emails. i found this out the hard way.

IN OTHER NEWS, the fair was wonderful. thanks to all that stopped by and made faces at us from across the room.

1 comment:

  1. hahah.... your email was awesome....... threatening... but futile.....
    hey.... any publicity is good publicity! and i would buy the card! but.. i'd have no one to give em to :(
    ps i loved the monkey one! cock sucking... ass fingering pervert!!!! <3 LOVE IT!
    pps i dream of it every day!
    ppps i'd give you the card that says "sex?"
    ahhahah :) glad you had a fun experience? :P