Tuesday, April 27, 2010

getting ready for TCAF

i have been suuuuper busy, and i WILL be posting a weekly comic this week (sorrysorrysorry), but here is my excuse for the lack of being cool at all...
i have had to reprint every mini, so i have been back and forth to the paper store and copy centre and my apartment getting everything together...

i have been classing up my horrible smutty material with nicer covers this time around... here's a peek at the 2nd printing of "inanimate objects having awkward conversations":
black canson paper with a rag edge on the front cover? yes please. it'll be block printed just like the 1st run, but this one's nicer. sorry peeps who bought the first one... but this one kicks its ass.

"sock puppets and stool pigeons" too! this time with a lighter swankier resume paper cover. *touch touch touch* and are those bookmarks in the background? bitch must be crazy.
and whoa whoa whoa... remember that new comic i have been talking about for the past 173 months? well here it is! stencilled plaque and xeroxed type. it took a few failed trials and mucked up photocopier rollers to get this bitch to print right.

britt and i are planning to put together a weekly comics mini too! so lets hope we dont die of fatigue and being malnourished before that happens...

to be continued..

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