Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am too busy to draw comics for you. Please just suck it up and stop yer whining.

Lots of things on the drawing board. In the form of COMICS.

Also, our cacti are totally fucked up.


  1. :D
    I'd grab whatever I can get. Nice couch comics.

  2. wikipedia is not a substitute for real research. ask kate beaton. :p

    p.s. its a historical fact that vikings listened to techno.

  3. HAHA Delidel, I have been emailing Kate Beaton about this whole comic! She is way great.

    Actually I've been given most of the research I need by the people who commissioned this current comic. But I needed a picture of the main guy.

    Hyein, I will grab you. In the BUTT.